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DELTA company was founded on 15 November 1990. External conditions contributed greatly to the business establishment, which were very favourable in terms of private sector development.

From the very beginning the company liaised with enterprises from Italy and Turkey. The imported goods were distributed throughout the entire Republic of Poland. Between 1992 and 1994 we commenced cooperation with companies from former Czechoslovakia and later Czech and Slovakia. DELTA company handled mainly distribution of metal packaging from Slovakia and paper pulp packaging from Czech. Consequently, the company’s market position in this sector became significant, being one of the leading distribution companies.  Since then DELTA company has been successful in distributing the above mentioned goods in this area of Poland.


In the area of packaging Delta provides tailored solutions for the following sectors: fruit and vegetable, meat processing plants as well as bakeries. A wide range of products such as plastic crates and boxes, glass, metal and cardboard packaging, allows to select an appropriate product which meets the quality requirements.

Steady strengthening of the market position in the sector of packaging is the result of reliable approach towards business based on our clients’ needs. Establishing a long-term cooperation with our partners as well as trust they placed in us is a proof that our products and services live up to the highest quality.

In addition to the packaging, Delta strives for expanding its activities in the area of professional construction chemicals. Thus, Delta collaborates with several manufactures known internationally. For a few years we have been committed to acquire chemical products intended for special purposes, or providing the products with unique properties. This strategy of building our position on the market based on access to special components, which contribute to unique properties of the goods, resulted in cooperation with Polkor International Sp. z o.o. company, for which we conduct implementation of operations.


Siedziba firmy Delta w Dębicy.

DELTA holds great experience as far as efficient implementation of products in domestic and foreign markets is concerned, based on relevant technical facilities. We possess our own transport, warehouses and office premises arranged in the facility consisting of 3500 square meters, 1.5km from A4 motorway.

Modern organization of work and experience of our employees give us confidence that we will be capable of achieving our objectives associated with the company’s development, which is entirely based on integrity.






Seantex (STX) – is a first antifungal and antibacterial agent  in Europe for organic polymers, without toxic nanometals. The product is a result of eight-year research conducted both in Poland and the US by Polkor International Sp. z o.o. Delta is responsible for carrying marketing activities and implementing the product into Polish market.

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ikona_dd24dd-24.pl – for a number of years we have been consistently building a domestic market leader position, still expanding the range of our offer. In 2015 we launched our first online store, gaining new experience and developing the range of our operations. Currently the online store is still being developed.

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